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When Staging for Realtors, we handle the most difficult conversations with ease. Many realtors are aware of the value of home staging. However, you must handle relationships with the homeowners with whom you are working with kitten gloves. Offering too much honest and critical advice about the condition of their homes can be damaging to your relationships. With this in mind, have created a staging for realtors service where we offer free initial phone consultations to your clients and, given the opportunity, we will carefully discuss the items in a client’s home that need to be addressed, while keeping their sensitivity to criticism in the forefront of our communications. As you know, staged houses convey a message that the homeowner is paying attention to details, which in turn, sells houses quickly and at higher prices. Partnering with creative, competent home stagers will get your listings sold!

During our consultation, we will do a walk through with your client and make a highly detailed list of items to be addressed prior to placing the house on the market. We will discuss every detail, from the paint color choices, cleaning recommendations, power washing, exterior issues and basic landscaping observations, as well as any obvious repairs that potential buyers may notice. We all know that a well kept home sends a positive message to a buyer so let us have the difficult conversations with your clients, and let us get the house in tip top condition prior to listing on the MLS. We will waive the $200 consultation fee with the purchase of a staging package.  In addition to staging services all of our listings are promoted on our social media accounts, which have a total of over 10,000 followers. We will share open houses, price changes and other announcements while the house is on the MLS. Simply email us with upcoming events and we will promote your events through all of our social media platforms.

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