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Staging for Rental Properties
Staged rental properties get more bookings.

After owning and renovating several beach properties, we decided to offer staging for rental properties. Our own travel experiences helped us realize the need for staging in a competitive rental market.

Why should we stage our rental?

This evening, as I attempt to multitask—a skill I used to pride myself on and which no longer comes as easily—I am uploading pictures to print for the kids. While perusing some photos from our trip to Scotland last summer, we are also working on plans for a kitchen renovation. Last June, we did our annual trip abroad and, as usual, stayed in a variety of different accommodations, which we found on VRBO. Our primary concerns were convenience and comfort with a large group (two preschoolers, Dustin and myself, as well as my best friend and her family). The places we rented were vastly different in each city we visited. In Edinburgh, we stayed in a modern apartment that was situated in a quiet, beautiful courtyard with a garden and plenty of space for the kids to run around. However, one feature this apartment offered made it stand out in my memory—the amazingly luxurious, crisp, clean and comfortable beds.

Trans-Atlantic flights with two little people are exhausting at best and when we arrived, I remember crashing onto the soft, down bedding and lying in a comatose state for several hours until I physically had to drag myself and the boys out of the house to get some sunshine. The rest of the apartment was a typical, smallish European apartment, with a tiny kitchen, a modern living room and nicely done, minimalist features. Still, nearly a year later, the memory of that amazing, plush bedding, stands out in my mind and with that knowledge, I would gladly rent that unit again.

Our latest design services

This brings me to our latest design services. Jenny and I now offer design packages for budget and style-conscience rental owners who want to stand out in a saturated rental market. Wilmington, NC, the city in which we live has no shortage of beach/vacation rentals. This factor makes it imperative that your unit stands well above the rest. The first contact a renter has with a condo or beach house, typically takes place on the internet and we all know the value of fantastic pictures.


  • Do you have a new property that needs to be furnished?
  • Does your current rental property need a “fresh look” to gain traction?
  • Want to increase bookings?
  • Improve reviews?

Turnkey Vacation Rental Furnishing Packages

  • •beautiful, durable, affordable furnishings
  • •no design fees!!
  • •3 weeks installed from day of order
  • •easy, no hassle – we make the decisions and take out the guesswork!
  • •flat fee per room
  • •edited and updated photos included
  • •hosting support/suggestions

Gorgeous, durable furnishing packages include art, accessories, rugs and greenery, everything you need to turn your investment property into a profitable vacation rental. We create a design that will stand up to heavy use, that will clean up easily between renters and we use materials that can be easily cleaned (slip covered upholstery and polypropylene rugs that can be hosed off) so your beach house will look new and stunning for many years to come. 

To see some of the properties, we have renovated and staged, click on the links below.

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Carolina Beach Rental 3

Contact us today to get your vacation rental up to par and watch as you see an immediate ROI.