Click Here For The Home Staging Consultation Complete Package With SCRIPTS!

When we got started, we couldn’t find the support we needed. We floundered around and struggled until we figured out the hard parts and we want to make things easier for you on your home staging journey. We have created the most comprehensive guide for you to show up on the job, prepared to help your client stage their home for sale.

Here’s what you’ll receive in our 4 part comprehensive package:

  • Home Staging Consultation Checklist: An 18 page guide tells you step-by-step, how to do an occupied staging walk-through. In addition to a beautifully created checklist that you can print off, use during your walk-through, and hand to your homeowner after the consultation, we have also included:
  •  The Home Stagers Script for a Home Staging Consultation that explains exactly what to say to a homeowner in each phase of the process. From your introductory email that explains how you collect fees, to what to say when you delicately ask them to remove their dated window treatments, to the followup email you will send in the end.
  • Homeowner’s Open House Ready Guide with with plenty of pro tips to share with your clients to prep for their open house.
  • Homeowners Ultimate Cleaning Guide you can also share with your clients to make their job and your easier.

We thought of everything and we want to see you succeed in your occupied home staging walk-throughs.