134 Spencer Farlow Drive Photo Gallery

I’m so lucky. I get to spend my days frolicking among the most beautiful furnishings, making homes gorgeous, and spending time with one of my favorite people–who also happens to be the most talented artist and decorator I know. Well, perhaps it’s not all about fluffy throw pillows and decadent fabrics, but when we perfect a house and get to present it to our clients, it’s about as rewarding as it gets. This project was loads of fun and we loved pairing lots of natural textures and materials with the already bright, sunny floorplan that highlights incredible marina views. We chose a neutral color palette, for the most part, and threw in some coastal touches to highlight the beautiful scenery that surrounds this lovely home in Carolina Beach. I can’t wait to see what kind of traffic this showstopper is going to generate. View the listing here.

Update: Listing has SOLD!!

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